Did you know that Wendy O. Williams was a vegetarian?

Ok, let me back up here a sec for those who don’t know who W.O.W is.

The late Wendy O. was this amazing bad ass of a woman in this band called the Plasmatics (then later a successful solo career) who rocked a Mohawk like no other, chainsawed guitars, blew shit up on stage, sometimes wore nothing more then a shaving cream bikini and is definitely top 5 on my ‘chicks I think are the raddest ever’ list (yeah, so, I am kind of obsessed and this is sort of an excuse to talk about/post pics of her teehee).

You know instead of describing the epicness that was Wendy O. Williams, why don’t you just have a look at this video here:

So while Wendy O. appeared to be someone that would rather hunt her own meal then to be compassionate towards animals it totally wasn’t the case. From an article off Wikipedia (yes, I am whipping out my Wikipedia diploma again) —

"Despite her reputation as a fearsome performer, Williams in her personal life was deeply devoted to the welfare of animals, a passion that included a vegetarian diet, working as a wildlife rehabilitator and being a natural foods activist. In one TV talk show appearance on KPIX’s The Morning Show, she openly accused Debbi Fields (of "Mrs. Fields" cookie fame) of being "no better than a heroin pusher" for using so much processed white sugar in her products."

Nuff said!***

So Wendy O. Williams, Vegan Edge salutes you for being one super rad animal welfare fighting individual and showing us (or should I say naysayers) that you can be a bad ass and compassionate all at the same time!

*** Disclaimer: I realize Wendy O. could possibly be rocking some animal products like leather but I choose to believe that it was pleather as to not taint one of my idols ok?!